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Candle 250gr Esperide


Scented candle, cassis, tangerine and grapefruit

Exclusive design objects characterised by clean lines and elegant simplicity, which enhance every room with soft, dreamlike atmospheres. The fragrances of the candles evoke different worlds that can be blended together harmoniously in a dance of scented light. Esperide: A tentative springtime, stealing hours from the winter, among raindrops drying in the first timid warm rays of sunshine. A sensory experience, from sour to sweet to bitter.

More Information
Dimension L 8,4 x 8,4 x H 9,7 cm
Candle Capacity 250gr
Olfactory family Citrus
Duration 40h

Candle 250gr Esperide Candle 250gr Esperide
Candle 250gr Esperide