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Candle 250gr Fiqum


Scented candle, fig leaves, hyacinth flowers and vanilla

Exclusive design objects characterised by clean lines and elegant simplicity, which enhance every room with soft, dreamlike atmospheres. The fragrances of the candles evoke different worlds that can be blended together harmoniously in a dance of scented light. Fiqum: The cool shade one enjoys beneath a majestic fig tree. Its milky leaves, its wild fruits, the hot sun dappling through its branches. This coolness gives way to a sophisticated sweetness that is never intrusive.

More Information
Dimension L 8,4 x 8,4 x H 9,7 cm
Candle Capacity 250gr
Duration 40h

Candle 250gr Fiqum Candle 250gr Fiqum
Candle 250gr Fiqum