“Beauty cannot be produced without being inspired by the natural world. Everything natural is useful and necessary, and therefore beautiful.”


CULTI MILANO is an essential and modern perfumery concept: bouquets are not necessary when extraordinarily simple and recognisable olfactory notes are used, such as the unique and inimitable raw ingredients offered by nature and our home, Italy.


Each fragrance is carefully designed by the Olfactory Laboratory to be unique and timeless, but also to sit harmoniously alongside all the others, offering the personal and precious opportunity to choose which scent to perceive in our spaces or from our most precious objects, which memory to evoke.


As with Italian cuisine, the fragrances are composed of a select few ingredients of the highest quality, creating timeless and excellent compositions that transmit a sense of wellbeing in all aspects of life.

“Perfume is also about realizing that it's not there.
It must not be addictive.
Perfume must feel good in all aspects of life.”


Perfume must make us feel good in all aspects of life: it should not be predictable or be so strong as to assail us. There is absolutely no point in creating a lasting scent that is not a good one.

The fragrances of CULTI MILANO, from the most intense to the most delicate, thanks to their high quality raw ingredients and the skilful dosage of their formulations, are perfect for discreet and pleasant diffusion.

“Perfume becomes a daily gesture; the real luxury is to do it better and better, almost like a ritual”


A scent is a delightful sensation that must be found almost by chance, but that can be recreated by scrupulously choosing which fragrances to use within our environments and at which points to create small centres of olfactory attention.

Adding scent to our lives then becomes a daily gesture, a true luxury: a ritual to be performed and built upon to create a personal olfactory symphony.

Room diffusers, in fact, spread fragrance continuously: specific highlights can be created by spraying another fragrance in the space or lighting a candle. Sachets can also be placed at strategic points.

“The perfume begins and ends, but then it is renewed.”


The fragrance in a room diffuser is a living thing, which progresses with the passing of time: the perfume begins, develops, renews itself and finally comes to the end of its lifecycle.

A diffuser must therefore be cared for: it is important to regularly check the level of the fragrance, the condition of the rattan, its exposure to the air circulating, and its position within the environment. It is necessary to choose the right product to use within your spaces to allow the fragrance to express itself to its fullest.

With candles too, the fragrance should be preserved by protecting the wax from dust, as well as always keeping the wick clean and at the correct length.