Frequent questions

Will the sticks be delivered together with the diffusers or do they have to be ordered separately?

The sticks will come together with your diffuser at the diffuser's price. You do not have to order them separately.

Which are the perfumes?

We offer 14 perfumes divided in five olfactory families

Fragrance   Olfactory families   Characteristics
AQQUA, MEDITERRANEA, MOUNTAIN  Woody Reassuring and decisive
ARAMARA  Citrusy Fresh and dynamic
MAREMINERALE, THE  Aromatic Mediterranean and energetic
LINFA, TESSUTO, ODE ROSAE, 'OFICUS, ERA     Flowery Romantic, sweet and delicate
FUOCO, SUPREME AMBER, TERRA  Oriental Engaging, deep and flaming

Which are our perfumes and their intensity scale?

1 = high intensity 
2 = low intensity 
Fragrance   Intensity scale
FUOCO    1
'OFICUS    2
ERA    3
TERRA    4
SUPREME AMBER             5
AQQUA    7
THE    9
LINFA   12

How long does the perfume last depending on the dimension and product's category?

Product's categorySize Duration 
Diffuser, Spray  100 ml 1,5 months
Diffuser Stile, Decor, Colours   250ml 3 months
Diffuser, Stile, Decor, Colours, Welcome, Trigger Welcome, Black Label   500ml 4 months
Diffuser Stile, Decor, Colours, Welcome,  1000ml 6 months
Diffuser Decor, Black Label       2700ml 9 months
Diffuser Stile, Black Label  4300ml 12 months
White Candle  270 gr 60 hours
Champagne Candle   2500 gr 200 hours
Champagne Candle   4000 gr 400 hours
Champagne Candle   5700 gr 600 hours
Home and Car Sachet   7 x 7 cm 2 hours
Scented Granules Sachet 14 x 14 cm 3 hours

A piece of advice about matching the dimension of the diffuser with the available space

We advice to place the diffuser in a passage or ventilation point

Size Space 
100 ml     5 mq
250 ml   10 mq
500 ml   20 mq
1000 ml   30 mq
2700 ml         40 mq
4300 ml   50 mq

  How often can you turn upside down the reeds to reach the desired intensity?

  Every day to reach a high intensity

  Every three days to get a medium intensity

  Once a week for a low intensity

  Diffusers and candles perfumes combinations


Spray's use?

The spray can be used in the air, in the fabrics, in the curtains and sofa. It does not make stains.

Why do the fragrances change colour during the time?

The natural raw materials which compose the fragrances CULTI MILANO are alive and their exposition to the light may oxidize their color which could become darker, without compromising their quality.

It's even possible that a viscous body inside the bottle can be found. Instead the free alcohol part of the perfume, around 1 cm, will lay down in the lower part of the bottle with a more cloudy aspect. 

Why are the fragrances light?

The main distinctive and difficult part of our fragrances to imitate is their classy lightness. The high quality elaboration with fine raw materials give a burning sensation. This give the opportunity to use different scents and at the same time maintain a delicate elegance.  

Why magnum reeds are different from other diffusers reeds?

The rattan reeds are perfect for medium and small dimensions, but could be less efficient for bigger environments which require bigger diffuser's dimension. The materials and the dimensions of hi - tech reeds have been studied from the Olfactory Laboratory to absorb in a permanent way the liters of the magnum bottles and to expand their scent in bigger locations.

How can we advice a better use of our candles?

Every time that a candle is lighted up, it must be burned until all wax on the surface becomes liquid. Do not keep it lighted up more than 4 hours and put it away from air flows.

Never blow on the flame to turn it off, to avoid that the smoke modifies the fragrance for the next lightings. To shut it down put the wick in the was still liquid and bring it again in a right and centered position. 

The candle wick has to be cut?

The candle wick must always be at a dimension of 4/5 ml. If you see a black smoke when is lighted up, the wick must be cut and bring it to the right dimension. Make yourself sure that the burnt wick remaining's do not fall in the liquid wax. If this happens you might remove it with a soft cloth once the wax becomes solid.

Where are Culti products produced?

All Culti products are 100% Made in Italy, an excellent way where tradition is never forgotten. 

Environment's safety

All the fragrances are IFRA certified (International Fragrance Association) and respect the most stricts and saftey rules towards people and environment.

Culti products are not tested on animals.